The  Hitsville objectives: to instill in our youth the confidence and discipline through basketball. to be one step ahead in their character and leadership. Training champions on and off the court in a fun and safe environment.


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News & Updates

ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL summer here at hitsville lots of new faces putting in the work and taking their game    "to a new of confidence and power".  

thank you parents and players for your support and dedication . hitsville is growing every week from NATIONAL championship caliber players, intermediate and BEGINNERS alike.


come and see what hitsville is all about!



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@ temple intermediate 

2500 andy pacecho ct


summer !






Hitsville group workout Sessions






points of emphasis :

fundamentals of the game, footwork, shooting with confidence, dribbling with strength, key terms, defensive responsibilities, offensive sets, player conditioning, on court awareness

our club is year round - players range in ages from 6-13 years old .


Hitsville workout classes

8 sessions per month

basketball 101  intermediAte/advanced- hitsville TRAINING SYSTEM- we push our ATHLETES to new levels of confidence,consistency and EFFICIENCY.we train hard and with a purpose.#outwork #outlast #overcome  



Hitsville private sessions 

take your game to the next level

one-on-one training 

morning and weekend sessions 

contact for availability 



Hitsville Teams

players must meet our requirements with a solid base of fundamentals, as well as attend at least one group workout per week to be able to PLAY ON a winter or summer team.


please go to our contact page to receive more information 



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coach chavez

      " My vision for Hitsville is to create a home for players who love the game and for those who want to learn it. It's to give our youth a solid foundation of fundamentals of not just basketball, but through basketball to instill life skills and lessons. As a coach involved in the inner city programs, it's clear to me to see where Hitsville comes into play. We give what others don't by using the method 'quality over quantity' . Not only do we have great, talented, developing players, but we also work with special needs players- pushing themselves beyond any chance they'd been given before. Every season we grow as a club and as individuals. It's my passion to see our youth succeed & to give them the keys to develop on the court, in the classroom, in life, and as they become young adults! Our program is established in the city of  Rosemead, California and is operated by donations and our proud sponsors. Hitsville is a family- a circle of Coaches and parents wanting their child to excel in the game of basketball and in the journey of  LIFE. "

  • FOUNDED hitsville basketball in 2012 in rosemead, CALIFORNIA 

  • u.s.a. basketball certified coach SPECIALIZING in youth development                                              

  • head coach at temple intermediate jr high school

  • 2 time X-LEAGUE champion  

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